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Sergej Zilitinkevich


Res. Prof. in FMI Meteorological Research Unit

PI and manager of WP1, focuses on PBL physics, contributes to all WPs

CV, list of publications, list of conferences, EGU-2015 Alfred Wegener Medal, Honorary Doctorate of the University of Pretoria (certificate, invitation), University of Helsinki TURBULENCE AND UPTHRUST

Ari Karppinen

Adjunct Prof., Dr, Head of Atmospheric Dispersion Modelling Group in FMI Atmospheric Composition Research Unit

Manager of WP2

CV and list of publications

Carl Fortelius

Dr, Head of Numerical Weather Prediction Group in FMI Meteorological Research Unit

Manager of WP3

CV and list of publications

Sylvan Joffre

Res. Prof., Head of FMI Meteorological Research Unit

Research consulting

CV and list of publications

Heikki Järvinen

Res. Prof. in FMI Climate Change Research, Earth System Modelling

Responsible for climate in WP3




Honorary Doctorate for Prof. Sergej Zilitinkevich

Professor Sergej Zilitinkevich received an honorary doctorate of the University of Pretoria. The honorary doctorate gives recognition to Sergej Zilitinkevich pioneering contribution and leadership role in the field of atmospheric sciences. His work on the scientific breakthroughs achieved in, particularly, the theory of Geophysical Turbulence and Atmospheric Boundary Layers over the past decades have enriched and dramatically changed current understanding of the physics of the atmosphere and the climate system, which is of paramount importance in view of the concerns about global warming and climate change.

Sergej Zilitinkevich giving the EGU Alfred Wegener Medal Lecture 2015